Subject Matters PosterAre you in Year 10/11 (England and Wales) / S3/4 (Scotland) / Yr11/12 (Northern Ireland), thinking about your subject options for sixth form and beyond?

This is a session for students from all backgrounds and will focus on making the right subject choices for the courses you are considering for university, especially at selective universities such as Cambridge.

Even if you have already submitted your initial subject choices to your school, this webinar can help you to check you have made strong choices for your ideal career path.

Students outside the UK starting A-Level / International Baccalaureate courses next academic year are also welcome.

Teachers and careers advisors are also welcome to watch, as are parents, guardians and supporters.


It will last about 75 minutes including time for further questions for those who have them.


1. If you're a student from outside the UK, please also register interest for our annual webinar for international students. You will then get an email when we open booking for relevant events.

2. This session is one of our regular webinars, which also includes one called Cambridge for Beginners which students in Year 11 (England/Wales), S4 or Year 12 in Northern Ireland may wish to attend - find out more about these at /open-days-prospective-applicants/webinars