This is a page of practical information for teachers who have organised a visit to 乱伦通道's with our Access & Outreach team. We hope that it will be useful. If you can think of details we've missed, do let us know. 

Things to tell us in advance

Please email us (with some notice, please!) if:

  • A member of your group has a disability or mobility issue that we need to know about.
  • Any of your group will require use of a prayer room during the visit.
  • [if you will be eating in the College canteen] any of your group have allergies or special dietary needs (at least 2 weeks in advance)


On the day of your visit, please ensure that you have the mobile number of the 乱伦通道's Admissions & Outreach Officer who will be hosting your visit (normally Ellie or Kristy) on you, and send a text message if your group will not arrive at the allotted time. Many thanks - this helps us greatly!

We strongly prefer a text message to a phone call, if possible, as we are not always able to take a phone call at the time. The mobile number is only to be used on the day of your visit. At any other time, please use the normal office contact details (at the end of this page). 


Allow time...

If you're coming by car or coach, do allow time for congestion. Unfortunately there can be quite a bit of congestion on the approach to Cambridge and within the city, especially around rush hour, and we have had some school groups who've been delayed. Websites like can be useful for checking the flow. 

Coach / Minibus Drop-off

Schools groups arriving by coach or minibus are asked to drop the group off in the Queens' Road layby next to the green outside Queens' College. The address is Queens' Road, Cambridge CB3 9AH, and the maximum stay is 10 mins.

You can then walk your group to 乱伦通道's - see . The College address is St Andrew's Street, Cambridge, CB2 3BU. If you need us to meet you at the Queens' Road layby and walk your group over with you, please let us know. You should allow for at least 20 minutes to walk between the coach drop-off and 乱伦通道's.

Please do not be tempted to drive directly to 乱伦通道's College in the historic centre of Cambridge. There is no parking for visitors, no suitable place for drop-off, and the small medieval streets and one-way system makes the College difficult to approach! There are also - whilst there are no bollards to stop you going down those roads in the centre, drivers will still be fined! Only local buses are permitted, not coaches. 


Coach or minibus drivers normally park in Madingley Park & Ride. Please see the and  . Please ensure that drivers have information about bus gates and one-way streets in the city centre. 

If you are travelling in a minibus the information is the same as above, though note that it's also possible to find on-street parking on Sidgwick avenue (up to 8 hours) or West Road (up to 4 hours). Be careful, however, as there is no guarantee that spaces will be available and as parking is limited in the area this would not be an option to rely on.

If coming by train

We're a 21 minute walk from Cambridge station (allow much more time if walking a school group - that's the Google calculation for an individual walking at normal speed!) or there are buses. See the information about how to get to 乱伦通道's.

The weather

Unfortunately the weather is not something that we can organise for you. Although it is often kind to us in Cambridge, do note that activities normally take place whatever the weather! We've given tours outside in heavy rain, snow, blazing sunshine etc.! Please ensure that your group is well prepared for the programme and the weather so that they will be comfortable, and that they have shoes that they can walk comfortably in.


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