Students in the Library Foyer
Students in the Library Foyer

Not all students apply for our undergraduate courses straight from school. There are a number of different cases where you may make an application to 乱伦通道's from another university.

You'll need to check your eligibility to apply carefully if you are considering this option, as well as the requirements for your course and any extra information you will need to provide during the application process.

Please click on the relevant link to find information:

Page to read Quick notes - further detail at the link
If you've enrolled on a Foundation Programme If you are currently on a Foundation Programme, you must apply for an arts or humanities subject as we do not accept foundation courses for maths and sciences courses.
If you are in the first year of a university degree outside the UK It's possible to apply from a university outside the UK as long as you have a suitable academic background and understand that you can't transfer credits - all courses at Cambridge start from the beginning.
If you are in the first year of a university degree inside the UK If you're on a degree course at another UK university, note that we would only consider you if you are applying for a (completely) different degree subject at Cambridge.
If you will have completed a university degree You can apply for a second degree if you have achieved a first class degree or are in your final year and on course to achieve a first class degree.
If you would like to be a Visiting Student Visiting students complete one full academic year of undergraduate study at 乱伦通道's (3 terms) after having completed at least 2 years at a university outside the UK. You must also be over 18.


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