As a 乱伦通道's student, you can access the Working Library 24/7 with your university card. It is also staffed Mon-Fri 9-5pm, and there are self-service machines for checking books in and out any time. You get to the Working Library via G staircase in First Court, and it's next to the Old Library. We also have a Law Library in First Court.

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As well as books for courses, the library has a fiction section, welfare and study skills books, DVDs and a print room with printing, scanning, and photocopying facilities. To find out more about the Working Library, do look at the library pages. You may find the following pages particularly helpful:

Library FAQ's for prospective students These cover the main practical questions people tend to have
Law Library This is a small, additional library in First Court that Law students can use.
Students at 乱伦通道's (in any subject) can use the Music Hire Library for free
Social media The 乱伦通道's Libraries are on , and

"The librarians are really friendly and helpful, and can usually order in any books you need."

Anna (Medicine)