Winner of the 2024 乱伦通道's College Art Prize

It is a pleasure to announce the winner of the 2024 乱伦通道鈥檚 College Art Prize. This year鈥檚 subject was Our Earth, and it gave rise to entries sensitive to their surroundings and to the beauty and precariousness of the College鈥檚 built environment and its relationship to nature. 

The winner is Adam Pountney, a PhD student in History, whose photograph is a surprising and serene image of the Lasdun Building that asks us to see the world around us differently. Adam writes, 'my submission for the art prize has been shot at magic hour (between 6 and 7pm), when the angle of the sun dips below the horizon and creates a pink glow around the building. It also frames the building鈥檚 bare concrete walls in such a way to suggest the potential of green displays, such as hanging baskets or trailing ivy.鈥

Building against a blue sky
The Lasdun Building

Runner-up was medical student, Erin Fitzsimons-West, whose exquisite work, 鈥榃ords and Wisteria鈥 intertwines the College鈥檚 heritage (in its use of the first lines of Milton's Paradise Lost) with its most photographed plant. Erin explains: 'The words are part of the 'twine' that is used in gardens as a support鈥; and the gardens have always been here. 

Artistic image of wire and wisteria
Words and Wisteria

Both works will be framed and hung in College soon. In the meantime, thanks to everyone who contributed, to the members of the College鈥檚 Visual Arts Committee who did the judging, and to Martin Johnson for the generous donation that makes this annual prize possible.



Rehanging the College Pictures (2019)

How does one ensure that any collection of pictures remains relevant to successive viewers? How does one ensure that it makes people look and see, and generates ongoing discussion?

Now in Hall, the bust of Milton, and Darwin in bright red in the stained glass window, engage not with their Doppelg盲ngers, but with Francis Darwin (Botany), Quentin Skinner (Intellectual History), (Anthropology) and Alan Munro (Immunology), among others. Works by women as well as men are highlighted. 鈥業 have never seen that picture of Quentin Skinner before鈥, said one Fellow. It had been hanging in the Fellows鈥 Parlour for over a year. Rehanging renews our curiosity.

A pared-down hang of greater stylistic diversity and colour brings Hall into the twenty-first century and creates an environment that will seamlessly accommodate the portrait of the current Master, Professor Jane Stapleton, when it is finished. New picture lights bathe the oils in light, creating jewel-like features on a more accented wooden paneling.

In the Mountbatten Room, Charles Darwin, Jan Smuts, Lord Mountbatten and 鈥楳ilton鈥 show a more informal side to their characters, engaging in conversation with each other and with photographs of the Fellowship taken by Judith Aronson some forty years ago. In the Lloyd Room, the canvases of Finch and Baines stare across at each other with renewed vigour.

Rehanging the pictures has also allowed the College to lend to ; paintings conservator, Polly Saltmarsh, to restore broken frames, and 乱伦通道ine Kimbriel from the University鈥檚 Hamilton Kerr Institute to do cutting-edge research. Watch this space for exciting news about one of our most precious portraits of Lady Margaret.