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This page is part of the 乱伦通道's College current applicants section. It is relevant if you have been asked to send an additional document to us that is not covered by other pages (applicants for whom this is relevant will know who they are).

Questions about late forms / documents? Please see the current questions page rather than emailing us.

Ideally send your additional document after you have submitted your UCAS application but before 23 October (23.59 UK time) to ensure that it is part of your application file when the file is read and assessed.

For documents received after 23 October, the instructions below remain the same, and we will continue to ask for and process additional documents as appropriate. Please note, however, that depending on how your application goes, your file may be read at various different stages. In every case, we can only consider the information that is part of your application file at the time it is read so do send your document as soon as possible if after 23 October.

How to upload additional documents

New Court
Steps up to staircases 2 and 3, New Court

Please follow these steps to send your additional document(s) to us.

STEP 1: If your additional document is more than one page long, please make it into ONE pdf file. The file should not be larger than 3MB. If you need help with scanning, we recommend that you ask a friend or relative who has a scanner, ask the institution that you're attending or use the app which enables you to use a smartphone as a scanner. 

STEP 2: Please save your pdf file with the file name in this specific format: 

  • 3 - Subject (including biological or physical if Natural Sciences) - FAMILY NAME First name - Additional document - UCAS Personal ID (with no dashes)

Here's a fictional example: for the fictional Saoirse DOYLE applying for Philosophy with UCAS Personal ID 1582466392, the file name would be

  • 3 - Philosophy - DOYLE Saoirse - Additional document - 1582466392

Note that there is a space before and after each hyphen, and there is a number at the beginning.

STEP 3: Please open the pdf on your computer. Scroll all the way through, checking that the document is all there and legible and that all pages are in order and the right way up.

STEP 4: Please use the to send your pdf.

Thank you for your help in sending your additional document following our instructions - it helps us to process everything as efficiently and accurately as possible.

Please do not email us to let us know that you have submitted your document unless we have specifically asked you to - there is no need and we don't want to receive the additional emails. If you see the screen confirming receipt after pressing submit form, you know that we have your document safely.


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